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Professional, Knowledgeable, Detail-Oriented, Creative, and Personable

My husband and I are very happy to highly recommend Karen B. Dawson. Karen is professional, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, creative, and personable — but, best of all — she is very accessible. We contacted her while living and working outside of the U.S. She kindly kept a flexible schedule to accommodate our brief visits home and during every meeting, she patiently made sure that we understood well the process, step by step. She worked hard to incorporate every lighthearted detail we wanted in the creation of our estate plan, which we playfully called The Goal: Zero Balance trust.

Once completed, Karen provided us a beautiful (and seriously comprehensive) estate planning portfolio that includes everything we need to be confident that our financial matters are in terrific order.

Karen has definitely earned our complete confidence and we feel lucky to have found her!

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